Soundciety invites Jo Kali | Women In Electronic Music

Soundciety is a series of conversations and explorations on diverse topics at the intersection of society, music and culture.

#4: Women In Electronic Music: We discussed the ways in which technology is gendered; “hi tec(hnology)” being a highly masculine realm, full of strong, aggressive language and terms, and avoid of any real critical understanding of what technology even is. The same goes for traditional (western) music. Musical language is highly gendered, and worse still, sexualised. The relationship between the masculine and the feminine is always one of power dominance and oppression. The masculine being strong and the feminine always weak. How does this use of language promote uneven behaviour, expectations and experiences in music as an industry? We only have to look at festival lineups, classrooms and the (still present!) pay gap between male and females. This is only the tip of the problem. Gender is only one issue, but there’s race and class and sexuality that can’t be dismissed from the same conversation. It feeds into a great problem of inequality in society that is represented through lack of representation, acknowledgement, safety, respect and resources available for women (and BME, queer, trans etc!)




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