Listening In Dreams 1.

Sunday 14th May 2017

I’m male in this dream. I’m with a female friend. We’re in a house. I’m aware of someone wanting to find us, and us not wanting to be found.

We go down stairs, lose each other, find each other, leave through windows, get back into the house (somehow?)

After a while we are behind a front door. Solid, thick wood. I look through the letterbox and see the street outside and a friend, Celia. She looks across the road and at the man who has been trying to find us. When he sees her she sees me. I realise we’re in danger and the only way to avoid being found is to reach out and kill Celia. I need to protect all three of us, this seems to be the only way.

But, he did see her, and now he comes towards the door. I don’t know who this man is, but he is now 3 men. They are trying to come into the house I am hiding in. I being acutely mindful of the fact I cannot look these men in the eye. If I do, they will recognise me.

Next scene.

Me and the friend are in a forest, driving very quickly. Escaping, again. We crash. I think I am the one driving, so crash. It’s dark but I hear water and the men shouting – increasingly getting closer and louder. The sound of water comes from the lake I soon find us both submerging ourselves into, swimming as far down as we can. I’m swimming like a fish, or a mermaid. Apparently I don’t need to breathe anymore.


I think at this point I’ve woken up. I’m hot and flustered. The dream isn’t scaring me, but I’m exhausting from having to constantly imagine escape routes.

I fall back asleep. Asking myself to dream something nicer.

Something nicer; I’m in Italy. I recognise the scene as Sorrento. I’m in a restaurant I’ve been in before. I’m now a female, but still with my female friend, except this time she’s a small dog – I think a spaniel – besides me. We’re still in disguise, hiding from these men, eating and looking down, forcing myself not to look up at the view incase these men recognise me again.

I wake up.


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