Subbacultcha! w/Jessy Lanza | Red Light Radio

Subba have a special fondness for Jessy Lanza. Ahead of her show for us Thursday 26 May, we decided to host a special Red Light show; call her up, play some of her new album, some of her old stuff & tracks she’s been listening to/ inspired by….


  1. I Talk BB – Jessy Lanza
  2. Femme Fatale – Haruomi Hosono
  3. Pull My Hair Back – Jessy Lanza
  4. Oh No – Jessy Lanza
  5. Kathy Lee – Jessy Lanza
  6. Interview (with a few technical, issues of course!)
  7. New Ogi – Jessy Lanza
  8. Riot In Lagos – Ryuichi Sakamoto
  9. Tong Poo – Akiko Yano
  10. Sportman – Haruomi Hosono
  11. Fruit – ABRA
  12. Good To Love (Ssaliva refix)- FKA Twigs
  13. Good To Love – FKA Twigs
  14. Battery – Fatima Al Qadiri

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