The Tape Escape #6

TTE6: An hour sifting through a few of the ways artists have explored the voice as an instrument. Including Joan LeBarbara’s extended vocal techniques, Ghédalia Tazartès disembodied voices and Steve Reich’s phasing with vocal recordings.


  • Excerpt from Lecture by Joan LaBarbara
  • Pauline Oliveros – Sound Patterns
  • Urszula Dudziak & Adam Makowicz – Ballad
  • Barry Truax – Androgyne
  • Anna Homler – Do Ya Sa Di Do
  • Pauline Oliveros – Tuning Meditation (from The Kitchen Archives)
  • Jeanne Lee – Angel Chile
  • Steve Reich – Come Out
  • Ghédalia Tazartès – Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie Son Objet
  • György Ligeti – Lux Aeterna
  • Denis Smalley – Pneuma
  • Charlemagne Palestine – Untitled For Solo Voice (from The Kitchen Archives)
  • John Cage, Meredith Monk & Anthony de Mare – The Tale


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